Cabbage Tree Road
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most of the track if good and not too hard, than all of a sudden it becomes very tight and than you have a very steep down hill track which is very rocky and has large drops, you will need lots of clearance and a good amount of 4x4 skill. i did a bit of damage on my 2006 hilux doing this track which my gps sent me on. the pictures do the track no justice. the track ends going into a paddock and you have to open a few gates before you reach the main road again

i didn't have a gps recorder on me so i had to make the map in google maps

Track Logs
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14625 Track is not too bad, a bit tight and grown over in places, as of writing this there is now a VERY large tree blocking the northern part of the track, just up the hill from the turn off to go down to the river, making this road impassable, It would require some serious work to make a path, a lot of cutting with a chainsaw to section the tree out to be able to pass under it and/or digging out the track, had to turn back and headed over to Black Bulga Range Rd which is definitely not for the feint hearted as it is VERY steep. When we re-joined at the northern end of Cabbage Tree Rd after the large tree, and over the river crossing the track goes through one unlocked gate toward some farmers cattle grazing land complete with LOCKED GATES, so unless you can find the farmer and sweet talk them into opening the gates be prepared to head back the way you came in Toyota Hilux Surf Feb 16, 2013
34352 i came, i saw, i concurred and i regretted everything, never again in my hilux maybe something with a lot more lift Toyota Hilux Oct 1, 2012