Canberra - Goulburn For those who think tar sucks
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Track Description

Looking for a way to get to the disposals store in Goulburn without having to lower ourselves to travelling on the accursed tar, we came up with this pretty and scenic little trip up the East side of Lake George instead of the dead boring freeway trip up the West side. For those in a reasonable 4wd it even takes a detour along a well overgrown and long forgotten track to a very old trig station up on a hill near Mt Baby - watch out for the Jack Jumper Ants up there, they are ferocious little beasts. Those in 2wd and soft-roaders can just skip that part of the tracklog and still do the trip easily.
I have no idea how old the trig up here is, but it wouldn\'t be visible from 300 metres away now, let alone any further, on this massively tree covered hill.

If you prefer lovely deserted old country roads, and views of rolling hillsides (even those covered in Wind Power Turbines) instead of views of the rear bumper of the thousands of cars around you on the freeway, then this route could be for you.


Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
38004 Mitsubishi Pajero Apr 12, 2014
40635 Mostly Bitumen now, Still a good drive though Suzuki Vitara May 7, 2013
19277 Bitumen creep is constant however this route is pleasant and easy to drive. The detour to the trig beacon is in the process of being graded. See more on my blog: LandRover Discovery Mar 7, 2012
25515 Toyota Landcruiser Aug 23, 2008