New Track / Fenceline Track - Neerim Sth Area
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Found this track not too far from Inglemans Road just East of Neerim South

The small section of the track we did had some deep ruts, some very steep ascents and descents, lost of deep puddles ( bog holes ) and some sections of the track that we walked but did not try on this occassion were very rocky.

Waiting for Elbie84 to give this one a name, as it does not appear on any maps or google etc.

We found this while things were reasonably dry.   I would suggest difficult in the dry and very difficult in the wet.

Only need to look at the pics and video to get an idea of this one. 




Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
28798 i spend all day and some night driving around on this track.. really fun, complete all of it and i went on the right side of the video, is a bit more interesting :P but now there is a tree in between!! i recommend recommend this track you can also access it from old sale rd wich i wend down to get more fuel :P Nissan Patrol Mar 10, 2013
4645 Deep ruts and clay. Good challenging track. After two tyres off rim and a bent control arm, we gave up on the last rocky hill and went home. Toyota Hilux Apr 23, 2011
1430 Did this track on Australia Day 2010 with Russell1974, Madkiwi and Bainsy. Did most of the track with it's rocky uphills and so on until we got to the end. The last hill has to be seen to be believed. Bainsy did it, I didn't and the others were the smart ones and didn't even try. Gotta get a new 4B before I try this one again. Might be okay coming down and doing the track the other way, will have to give that a go. Extremely difficult in the dry, don't think it could be done in the wet. Mitsubishi Pajero Jan 26, 2010