Canunda National park
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You can ether enter from carpenters rocks or from millicent, there is beach acces which is quite difficult, but the track is not as hard. i suggest to let your tyres down if you want to drive on the beach. there are some campsites which are about half way through at a place called number two rocks. good fun for a day trip or camping and excellent fishing. will submit photos later


Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
54860 Fantastic area for camping, fishing, and 4x4ing, perfect holiday destination for the Victorian's looking to do some beach and dune 4x4ing Nissan Patrol Feb 1, 2015
51557 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Jan 25, 2015
51557 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Jan 25, 2015
12810 Toyota Landcruiser Jan 26, 2014
17811 Great Track, easy to get lost amongst the dunes but all in all sensational fun. The ol Paj needs more power!!! Mitsubishi Pajero Mar 9, 2013
34578 Nice views on this track and some great sand driving with some rocky sections - takes a lot longer than you think it will due to the slow going over the many, many, many 'whoops' (ie refer 150 bumps at loveday). Well worth the drive! Toyota Landcruiser Oct 5, 2012
14454 Awesome place, nearly got stuck in one of the mud pits. A bit chilly at that time of the year. Nissan Patrol Oct 1, 2012
14454 Awesome place, pity about the weather. Nearly got stuck in one of the mud pits. Nissan Patrol Sep 30, 2012
29251 Another visit to this great part of SA with the original group of 4wders Toyota Landcruiser Jun 10, 2012
14545 Great Tracks and beach driving Toyota Landcruiser Apr 13, 2012
19516 Started from Southend, down through the national park and on down to Carpenters Rocks Held up where someone had slid off the track just before the beach (2 hours) and then digging out three on the beach for (20 minutes) meant we did Little Rock to Carpenters Rock in the dark which make for an interesting experience!! Take the boards to surf the dunes at Lake Boney Nissan Pathfinder Apr 8, 2012
22688 Travelled from the Millicent end with three other vehicles. Tyres at 18psi made the track easy going. Had to snatch two travelling companions from soft sand on the beach, but the torqy little Triton floated nicely. Took a wrong left turn when 'following the red posts' and ended up atop a large dune with a beautiful view of the sea on one side and windmills on the other. The only challenge for the two manual, under-powered vehicles was the big, long dune a the beginning of the track. Mitsubishi Triton Apr 7, 2012
20062 Did this track Fri and Sat over easter and pulled off the side near the lake for some lunch on the dunes. Track is easy enough but was soft for the bit that goes over the dunes. I had my 33's at 20psi and used 28 litres of petrol to go 80kms. definately make sure you have at least half a tank of juice before you go in there. Beach was super soft, went in at Channel Rock. Awesome few days, didn't camp there tho as we had a shack at Carpenter Rocks. Toyota 4Runner Apr 7, 2012
20062 Did a bit of driving through here over easter. Saw quite a few other people out as well. Perfect weather. We had a new navara and new hilux (road tyres) both get stuck but the old cruiser and 4runner (both running 33x12.5s) had no issues. Not many people run sand flags up there so you just need to be careful. As with all sand, low tyre pressures will help plenty Toyota 4Runner Apr 7, 2012
33731 Nice drive, grate camping. Toyota Hilux Surf Apr 7, 2012
29251 Shakedown for Canning Stock Route Toyota Landcruiser Mar 11, 2012
22739 ok i'm back after the Canunda trek! Wow is all I can say! 1st time on sand and yes as it says above in "features" Steep ascents/descents... They are not joking! yeah we got stuck almost to the top of the hill near Mc Intyre Beach... a nice man stopped and helped us out but wow, need more practise on sand without the steep ascents/descents... any recomendations? Hooked on 4WDing now, cant wait till the next trip! Nissan Xtrail Oct 4, 2011
6015 Nissan Patrol May 1, 2011
6015 Nissan Patrol Apr 23, 2011
11015 My first real sand drive & did it solo.. The 95 Series Prado is so capable it continues to amaze us. First time I have had a Turbo Diesel & although different to driving a petrol, I wont go Back. The track can be challenging if momentum is lost, got stuck getting off the beach from little rock, but a little low range work walked us out easily. ran my tyres at 25psi, but in hindsight will go to 20 psi next visit. Travelled carpenter rocks to milicent. Milicent end with the dunes is a bit daunting especially if you mis judge the run up. was a little slow on one dune & nearly didnt make it. A great adventure, dont do it without a decent UHF, nice to get some advice on whats coming, we did. Toyota Prado Mar 13, 2011
13456 good fun track not to hellish beach is really soft though Ford Courier Oct 22, 2010
25581 The vehicle was actually the station wagon 'Leonie', I think that is how it is spelt. Spent three days going through Canunda as being the vehicle it was having low ground clearance and in spite of mud/snow tyres on the tracks that led to the beaches were almost impassable for my wife and I as you can imagine the deep rutted tracks left by larger 4wd's. So after putting on my 'free spirit with a death wish' ; most of the tracks had to be driven a lot faster than I would have like. After all I suppose a lot of the tracks we attempt are probably approached in a similar fashion. In spite of the vehicle I had at the time which in some circles it was a poor attempt at being a 4wd.My wife and I had alot of fun all the way through Canunda Nat. Park; loved every bit and looking forward to doing it again. Subaru Brumby Mar 20, 2001