Carnarvon National Park
About the Track
Track Description
Carnarvon is a easy access in to the park and you need to stay on the access road.  The areas entring into the park are private farms.  Things to see are the worth the walk and there is a water hole to swim and cool off.  The road is clay based and does cause problems if it rains.  As for offroad tracks there isn\'t any that you are able to access.  You would be here to see the wonders of the gorge and see the local animals and sites.
Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
54684 Nice views, nice camping. Only go when its green. Mazda BT-50 Jul 12, 2013
11627 Track into the National Park was quite rough - 3 vehicles in on the same day had punctures. Worth the trip for the walks and scenery but need to take care on the drive in. Mitsubishi Pajero May 16, 2010
37329 we had it all for our self no one there beautiful Toyota Landcruiser Jan 8, 2007
2195 Nissan Patrol Dec 17, 2005