Gemfileds near Emerald
About the Track
Track Description

The gemsfileds is exactly what you are driving in and need to be careful.  The tracks are not marked and you could be in someones lease so you can\'t just start digging dirt for gems.  Place we found was great to stay at is Rubyvale and you get good information there or in Emerald info centre.

In September it day temperature was hot and recommend shade and heaps of water if you are looking for gems.  The tracks around there are well used and a GPS is recommended to find your way out unless you are in a tour group.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
46006 Nice Mitsubishi Pajero Feb 6, 2014
32705 Subaru Forester Sep 1, 2012
664 Nissan Patrol Aug 10, 2011
664 Nissan Patrol Aug 14, 2009
22805 grew up here, went back 2005, alot changed Toyota Landcruiser Oct 1, 1981