cessnock - 21 bends powerline track
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bit of fun for everything many extensive tracks, i\'ve gotten a forester stock standard through there but ive also had my 4\" lift hilux stuck in there. good luck have fun

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
46035 All I found were some easy dirt roads and lots of rubbish. plenty of grubs living around here, should be ashamed of themselves Daihatsu Terios Feb 3, 2014
41118 I've gone through here many times. Different tracks through here are better than others. I've seen a Suzuki Vitara get through most tracks and then pull a Jeep Cherokee through. Mitsubishi Triton Jun 30, 2013
28321 Not sure if I found the right track but this wasn't great, a LOT of rubbish and dumped fridges/lounges etc made it very unenjoyable and track wasn't great. Some challenging areas around the motocross track boundary but the amount of rubbish makes it very hard. Toyota Hilux May 5, 2012
11114 Ford Maverick Aug 27, 2010