monkey gum fire trail
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I can not say something about this track, we did this the night without alternator!

t a lot of fun and some difficult way...

Track Logs
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58018 Was in a group of 8, dry conditions with little arvo drizzle. At least half of the group had a few scrapes, with a bent steering arm on a hilux being the worst of it. Took quite a while to complete with a few in the convoy with insufficient mods to make it through with constant recoveries required. Overall very enjoyable track, highly recomended. Lift and tyres minimum requirement in my opinion. Locker / traction control preferred. Toyota FJ Cruiser Apr 3, 2015
30535 This track is awesome. Would be very interesting in the wet. The Amarok did it comfortably with factory rear diff lock, 33's and no lift. Only hit sill on one section and only had to change undies 2 or 3 times. Highly recommended with locker and good clearance. Volkswagon 4wd Aug 26, 2012
31765 cool track. nothing too difficult Toyota 4Runner Aug 20, 2012
30180 I found this track to be quite testing for the Nissian, just a 2inch lift and all terains, but still got through in the rain with a little help from a friend in one section. Nissan Navara Jun 18, 2012
6538 Toyota Landcruiser Nov 27, 2011
12401 I found it to be an easy track with some nice rocks and lumps here and there but the stock courier in front of me had a hard time. Toyota Landcruiser Sep 17, 2011
19315 Nissan Patrol Oct 12, 2010
9805 I completed this track about 4 weeks ago. There had been some rain and the Monkey Gum trail is very rutted and a standard forbie would strungle. We had lots of fun, but make sure you go prepared with recovery gear, good mud tyres and a lift. Toyota Landcruiser Aug 24, 2010
11004 Love the trail pretty easy but its getting harder for stockers now a days :) Mitsubishi Pajero Aug 9, 2010
17332 Have done this on other occasions as well. Nissan Patrol Apr 11, 2007
5946 Great fun there. I have explored surrounding areas as well over past 4 years and found some challenging climbs not suited for stocks. Lockers,winch and spare sets of undies are must! Jeep Wrangler