Channel Country - South West Queensland
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This track starts at Noccundra where the bitumen ends and travels through arid country, crossing numerous usually dry creeks and cresting many sand dunes on its path. It finishes at Cameron corner after 240 km of a remote but scenic drive.

These track notes will be upgraded shortly.

The Channel Country of Queensland is located in the remote south west of the state. It is a series of ancient flood plains with creeks and rivers that flow intermittently.It is a series of extensive braided stream systems, overflows, floodplain lakes, and dune field swales and includes temporary wetlands, swamps and permanent waterholes, all of which is surrounded by very arid country.

This track starts at the historic Noccundra Hotel which is 19 km south of the Adventure Way where the bitumen ends.The hotel, which serves meals and also sells fuel, is the only building in town other than the adjacent hot shower/toilet block.  A gold coin donation to the RFDS is expected to use this welcome facilty. Half a kilometre away is Noccundra Waterhole where wonderful campsites right on this permanent lagoon on the Wilson River stretch for a couple

 kilometres. I have caught yellowbelly and numerous blue claw  yabbies here on my stays in 2004 and 2007.  Firewood is scarce around the campsites so collect yours on the road beforehand.After 2 or 3 nights here, follow the Noccundra Warri Warri Gate Road in a generally south westerly direction. The track is basically a minor cattle and oil industry service road, complete with corrugations, sandy and bulldust section and countless creek and floodplain crossings. Later in the trip you will enter sand dune country before arriving a Cameron Corner 240 km later. The complete journey can be done in one day but an overnight camp on a billabong or between the dunes is an opportunity that should not be missed. It is evident in my photos it is OK to tow trailers, but a wet road would make this difficult if not impossible.

After 95 km a culvert is crossed with a short billabong on the eastern side. This is a perfect campsite and these photos were taken in September 2007 when we camped here. Watch out for the burrs.

    Our rig is a 1997 80 series GXL Landcruiser 4500 petrol. It has only ever been used as an expedition vehicle so its 210,000 km have all been heavy going. Modifications :2 hiclones, part time kit with auto front locker, 190 litre 2nd fuel tank (285 litres total), 100mm lift plus polyairs, rear spare tyre carrier and all the usual stuff for bush work.The van is a Galaxy off road which is basically a highway van from the floor up, but has 150mm full gal drawbar & chassis and two axels of trailing arm coil and shock suspension with 12 inch brakes. Tares at 2300 kg and laden at 3000kg. Add the 3500 kg for the cruiser and that makes 6500 kg we haul. The Bear makes easy work of it as the 4500 petrol motor is very torquey  low down.  There is abundant wildlife drawn to the water in this arid country. This owl posed for my wife as did budgerigars and corellas. Several other parrot species came in at dusk to drink. This is unfenced cattle country and we were visited at dawn by a large mob that excited our three dogs.   A work in progress   -  to be continued.


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54684 Nice outback track. Mazda BT-50 May 11, 2013
5507 Toyota Landcruiser Aug 12, 2009