Little Bunyip Track
About the Track
Track Description
Track rated as "easy" by Parks Vic. Some deeply rutted parts that will get anything without lift and muddies in bother. Great fun and well worth the effort. Make sure it\'s dry if you have any doubts about your truck.
Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
51554 Did this track last week, very easy now as the track has been graded. Toyota Landcruiser Mar 9, 2015
18790 Did this track last weekend. Bog holes are starting to get quite deep with 2" lift. With all the rain the track is very slippery. Nissan Patrol Jan 10, 2015
35467 Did this track two weeks ago, it was dry and easy, did it today and was wet and was difficult to get up- with muddies, you'll be fine Mitsubishi Triton May 26, 2013
35467 Just been graded, no ruts at all. Rated very difficult by parks! Mitsubishi Triton May 11, 2013
23121 track has been graded and is easy as piss, no challenge at all Nissan Pathfinder May 5, 2013
20062 Came down then went up, Deep ruts, made the guys on anything smaller than 33's struggle in a few sections but could have driven the high route if they wanted. Going up in the wet would need a fair set of tyres. Toyota Landcruiser Jan 20, 2013
28556 Great fun with road tyres on, sure its damn near impassible if you try to go up hill in the wet, as there are some steep inclines and is very slippery after some rain. still great fun tho LandRover Discovery Apr 29, 2012
17104 easy in dry, gets slippery in the wet, with a few ruts Mitsubishi Pajero Feb 12, 2012
22083 When looking on here and seeing it was moderet rated I thought the stock hj60 would pull through but was sadly mistaken the track was closed but found a way round the gate this was wet as got stuck heaps but was all in good fun Toyota Landcruiser Oct 1, 2011
11291 Travelled this track from north entry over the weekend from the blue range trk/rd some pretty steep decents and accents however with muddies had no dramas Toyota Hilux May 16, 2010
2696 Jeep Wrangler Jan 10, 2009
1430 Did this one after Western Track over the weekend. Ground was fairly dry, although some of the areas were still slippery. Could be a bit of fun in the wet as the ground has a clay base. Some of the ruts are interesting too. Either need to pick your line of have lift. Mitsubishi Pajero Nov 15, 2008
107 Too deeply rutted after winter rain. Plus it was raining this day too. Nissan Pathfinder
659 Holden Rodeo May 18, 2008
485 Nissan Pathfinder Apr 25, 2008