Chapman Pde
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Head out ot the end of chapman pde in Faulkonbridge, a few little steep rocky sections.


Photos provided by Mudguts

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11428 I live on Chapman Pde, Msg me if you are ever going out there. This has been graded flat after the Fires. only 1 side track is a challenge and most have to winch up the steep step and sandy hill on the way back Nissan Patrol Oct 23, 2014
48953 Did this today. Stock touareg and navara. Both with all terrains. Right (straight) track fairly easy. Probably a different story in the wet. Left track a little more challenging but made it. Stopped short of the final rock descent/climb for obvious reasons but the rest was ok. Had to shuffle some rocks around and use a spotter and it was all good. Good fun, going back there again for sure. Wouldn't mind exploring some side tracks next time. Volkswagon 4wd May 21, 2014
44773 LandRover Discovery Dec 22, 2013
28538 Did the track to the right( straight ahead)with a jeep wrangler. my truck completely stock so it was a bit of a challenge at some points but with a spotter there were no problems. the wrangler had no problems with muddies and a 2 inch lift. good track for beginners or just some afternoon fun Ford Ranger Apr 25, 2013
35281 Subaru Forester Nov 5, 2012
35148 fun little track, good for beginers Toyota Hilux Oct 17, 2012
34982 Being local to this area, I've done this track on multiple occasions with a mate in his Hilux, so naturally when I bought the Prado it was the first place I took it. The main track to the right is a lot of fun with some good puddles, step ups and one challenging bit at the end of the track. Definitely easier than it looks. The left track is much shorter, and I was stopped at a very big drop. With a winch and a bit of time to shift some rocks, it could be done (the proof being the tyre tracks and winch marks on nearby trees left behind by another group on a recent trip), but didn't bother giving it a go as the track only goes another fifty meters. Toyota Prado Oct 5, 2012
29471 Did this one now. Need good ground clearnce in some areas. Or just move some rocks around like we did. Toyota 4Runner Jun 23, 2012
28514 good track Ford F250 May 12, 2012
28157 Pretty good condition. No real tricky parts, good track to learn to pick lines though. Completed using my Pathfinder and a Stock 90 Hilux Surf. Nissan Pathfinder Apr 1, 2012
11659 found out off user it ll do on here as of next month this track (my home track) will be gated thanks to those idiots out there after almost 20 years of riding and driving it is getting closed. Toyota Landcruiser Mar 3, 2012
23865 did it again, this time more adventures Toyota 4Runner Jan 9, 2012
23865 did this track on the weekend, went well all the way to the end, stock 4runner with A/T. some areas makes you think you will never make it, but suprisingly i did. Toyota 4Runner Jan 4, 2012
22665 The left track definitely has some challenging parts. Plenty there to keep you entertained and the kids had a ball in the "Muddles" Jeep Cherokee Oct 30, 2011
22793 Did this track today not bad at all check put my video Toyota 4Runner Oct 16, 2011
2098 Did this track today in a Surf with front locker and 2" body and 2" susp lift. The right (longer) part was completed in about an hour (back and forth), and was fairly easy. There were a few steps where you could choose harder lines to make it a bit more interesting. The puddles were all done with ease without a snorkle. One pudle had some big rocks, so go slow at first. Tried the left track too, but it was getting dark when I got to a pretty steep descent where I turned around. If it was earlier in the day, or with another truck with me, I would definately go for it. Some videos: Toyota Hilux Surf Oct 1, 2011
18115 Wohoo...completed!!! The stage that got me spooked had my mind playing tricks. Soon as I got to know what my machine could do ezy peezy. Me Fozzy is the best :) Daihatsu Feroza Sep 4, 2011
17302 Didn't have time to explore the area properly but enjoyed the rocky section along the main track. I'll have to get back there one day to see the left hand path... hmm Toyota Prado Aug 7, 2011
13473 Good variety depending on weather conditions. Toyota Hilux Surf Jun 21, 2011
18257 Great fun! Taking the left track at the very start leads to a section that would have certainly ended in destruction for myself and any other vehicles that are not insanely lifted or tyred. Head down the other track for a combination of high range two wheel drive stuff and first gear low four wheel drive stuff. Right down the very end is a great section going over the rocks. Great way to spend a few hours! Ford Ranger Jun 18, 2011
14350 Left track would spell disaster for most vehciles, that arent running a big lift, big tyres and lockers The other track was a nice drive, ranging from 2WD to 4WD, End few KM's of track was a great drive and took some careful driving to make it down Hilux is bone stocker apart from bigger tyres. Suitable for all types of 4x4's Toyota Hilux Jun 18, 2011
19706 Exactly as other have described. Great track for beginners getting adventurous. Look much harder than it actually is. Follow the links and check out some video. Nissan Patrol Jun 14, 2011
18115 Nice track however only got halfway, where it got plenty steep and rocky...unfortunately need to do a bit more for experience but still really good fun :) Daihatsu Feroza Apr 25, 2011
6861 Excellent track had a lot of fun Nissan Navara Apr 3, 2011
15456 Great track! Lots of rain so done deep water sections. Will be coming back with more time to complete and find these side trails. Mitsubishi Pajero Mar 19, 2011
13880 Good fun rocky road, good learning for line selection. Side track is a bit more hairy. Good for beginners looking for some adrenlen rush. Toyota Landcruiser Mar 13, 2011
11451 Toyota Hilux Feb 6, 2011
11580 looks alot worse than it actually is. the side tracks are pretty hairy, decided to turn back as it was getting late and would def needed to winch back up a few places. especially with all the dead leaves around from the burn would have made it slippery too i think. Toyota Hilux Sep 5, 2010
11580 looks alot worse than it actually is. the side tracks are pretty hairy, decided to turn back as it was getting late and would def needed to winch back up a few places. especially with all the dead leaves around from the burn would have made it slippery too i think. Toyota Hilux Sep 5, 2010
12087 Did a night trip few days ago. it is a easy and short track with some nice steps! Toyota Landcruiser Aug 11, 2010
12401 Short easy to moderate 4x4 track. Good for confident beginners getting game! I thought it looked worse than it was. Toyota Landcruiser Jul 31, 2010
10003 Did a night drive to try my new lights out. Fun rocky driving, plenty of side tracks worth exploring. Daihatsu Feroza Jul 24, 2010
11428 My home track ;) Great track, the real hard stuff is hidden on side tracks, pm me to find them :p Toyota Landcruiser Jun 22, 2010