Singles Ridge - Tall Timbers Track
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Track Description

nice track off Singles Ridge Road In Yellow Rock.


Some steep rocky decents/ascents. puddles. small river crossing. only a few km long but good fun if only have a spare few hours.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
52208 Mitsubishi Pajero Sep 12, 2014
49079 Toyota Hilux May 26, 2014
48657 Track is now blocked off and excavators have destroyed the track Suzuki Sierra Jan 5, 2014
36778 Suzuki Sierra Feb 13, 2013
18410 Did the track on the right and was quite easy but tight. Track on the left was gated and locked. Nissan Patrol Oct 4, 2012
35148 the 2 padlock on the gate have been cut off, so go take a look, make sure you shut the gate behind you Toyota Hilux Oct 16, 2012
38808 Good beginner area for a play and moderately challenging when wet. All in all a fun day out Toyota Hilux Jan 20, 2012
24035 was fun but pretty easy Holden Jackaroo Nov 15, 2011
22793 Went there for a night drive yup new gates still there, with a note on it.. dont take away our fun!!! track across th road still open, going back in the daylight to have a look Toyota 4Runner Oct 15, 2011
19450 Went out there today but there was a big new gate. Must be new because I had great fun there a few weeks ago. Track across the road is very hard to master. I went in from the other side which is around the corner and was able to have quite a lot of fun there still. Went 5km away to Warrimoo, Green st. Nice track there Toyota Prado Aug 8, 2011
20205 Nice big shiny gate, track closed tried the track on opposite side, very challenging got half way up hill and decided better quit whilst ahead, haha Toyota Hilux Jul 2, 2011
18766 went for a trip there for the first time today!there is nothing there a standard truck cant do! was plenty wet with some nice deep puddles to push threw but there is way's around them if u are not to sure! all in all good fun and ideal as a test track! Toyota Hilux Jun 19, 2011
18257 Went out here again today, good fun again! When heading back out onto the road, the hill climb was much more hairy after there had been some rain. If you have non AT tyres and you have respect for your vehicle, forget it. Wait until it's dry. Ford Ranger Jun 18, 2011
14350 Track was fun, Nice hillclimb/Descent at the beginning. Multiple sections of fun :D. Requires back tracking, Dont take more than 3 vehicles down Toyota Hilux Jun 4, 2011
18257 Good fun track to spend a few hours, some decent hill climbs and some mildly challenging sections. Well worth the trip out there! Ford Ranger Jun 4, 2011
18257 Ford Ranger Jun 4, 2011
17197 good beginners track. Couple of interesting side climbs that go nowhere. Hillclimb on the track across the road from the entrance is more fun Toyota Hilux May 24, 2011
17871 realy good fun Toyota Hilux Apr 16, 2011
15456 Great track lots to see and good climbs in and out Mitsubishi Pajero Apr 3, 2011
11356 Nissan Patrol Feb 28, 2011
12656 not gated from singles ridge road good steep decent on entry good test for the surf in and out without lockers was a good test for it Toyota Hilux Surf Sep 5, 2010
11580 good fun. used to live up the raod from there, has been gated at tall timbers for years and has been open from yellow rock for years too so doubt it will get shut. if you have a comp truck try the track opposite the entry on the other side of singles ridge rd. its a bit overgrown now but looks insane! Toyota Hilux Sep 4, 2010
6870 more rubbish by the day, but still a relatively nice/simple track Toyota Landcruiser Sep 1, 2010
12087 Did a short drive with brett80 last week. was semi wet. Few side hard track but overall great fun track. Toyota Landcruiser Aug 11, 2010
12401 A lot of rubbish has been dumped here. Bet the track gets closed very soon. Toyota Landcruiser Jul 31, 2010
10003 Did a night drive to try out my new Narva 175's. Good fun, easy/medium grade, but some difficult side tracks. Open from singles ridge rd, gated from Tall Timbers Rd. River crossing was less than knee deep. Daihatsu Feroza Jul 24, 2010
11428 Good short fun track, Was relatively easy in semi wet conditions, lots of hard side tracks Toyota Landcruiser Jul 20, 2010
11428 Good short fun track, Was relatively easy in semi wet conditions, lots of hard side tracks Toyota Landcruiser Jul 20, 2010
6870 TURN into singles ridge rd from hawkesbury rd, entry point is about 2.2k's from the left, just before a bend in the road. Starts off as a steep decline with sharp rocks, (have spares with you!) then a narrow track through bushy landscape and greenery, very quiet, mud, puddles, ascents/decents, steep ones too!! And a small river/lake crossing approx 12m long 6m wide and about 250-400mm deep,this will also vary after rain, keep it in mind! its clay/mud bottom, can be soft in spots. very slippery track after rain!! No reception on phone there either, good track for photos, i spent 1hr in there all up, and did approx 5k's worth of driving...HOPE THIS HELPS, pm me if u would like couple pics. Mitsubishi Pajero Jun 28, 2010
11451 The trail is now gated at Tall Timbers Rd end. Toyota Hilux Jun 27, 2010
11451 The trail is now gated at Tall Timbers Rd end. Toyota Hilux Jun 27, 2010