Chichester State Forest Bush mills Rd
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Bush Mills Rd

 I did this track a few years ago with a friend and we did not have a gps.  The track log was manually marked from our log maps and memory

 Car Nissan Patrol 2 inch lift,

 Very Difficult 


Bush Mills Rd to Wanga   5 kms

Wangat Rd to Middle Rd   8 kms

 This trail contains some steep accents and decents and rutted road. It becomes almost impossible in the wet but is a good challenge in the dry

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
12817 I have done this great track a couple of times before but after downloading the map above it took me down a very steep climb on the western side of the valley before rejoining bushmill rd near the creek. Great Suzuki Sierra Sep 24, 2011
21106 very good track Nissan Patrol Aug 9, 2011
17302 I drove this entire run in moist conditions (recent rain): * The Wangat side of the valley was very easy and a bit too overgrown. * There's a nice small creek in the valley. I crossed it easily with some care (medium sized rocks). * The Middle Ridge side has some mud in the valley, and a great rutted dirt climb on the lower part of the mountain. Awesome climb! Going by 4x4Earth standards this is DIFFICULT. Toyota Prado Sep 17, 2010
21106 good track Nissan Patrol May 25, 2010