Chichester State Forest Frying Pan to Reeves Rd
About the Track
Track Description

Frying Pan to Reeves Rd 

I did this track a few years ago with a friend and we did not have a gps.  The track log was manually marked from our log maps and memory

 Car Nissan Patrol 2 inch lift,

 Difficulty   Moderate, to Difficult

 Distance 3 kms 

Off Frying pan is another trail which connects with the end of Reeves road though a bit easier but still a good climb

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
18811 A good track. Found it a little hard to find the start, as we arrived a little later in the day. Enjoyed the drive and found some tougher spots. Toyota Hilux Mar 16, 2011
17302 Nice rocky climb, requires some careful placement to avoid the bigger rocks. Toyota Prado Oct 21, 2010