Chichester State Forest Cabbage Tree to Dixetops
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Spur Track Off Cabbage tree Rd  to Dixe Top Road

 I did this track a few years ago with a friend and we did not have a gps.  The track log was manually marked from our log maps and memory

 Car Nissan Patrol 2 inch lift

 Difficulty                   Moderate,

 Distance 6 to 7 kms

Although the map shows this as a dead end trail it is a through road. At the beginning there is a bridge, which is only good for bikes now however there is a trail around, which climbs down and through the creek. There is also a good swimming hole here in the Telegherry River. Follow the trail along the side of the river and it will turn across the river and there is a good hill climb which leads to Dixie Top Road

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