Cobaw - Alcorns Track
About the Track
Track Description

This track should only be attempted by experienced drivers with mud terrain tyres, a winch, and front and rear diff locks (recommended). Without diff locks winching is extremly likely!

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
39493 Very difficult. Bent my tie rod but after a bit of track building made it maybe 1/2 way up and took the chicken track to the left. Nissan Patrol Aug 9, 2015
21625 Nissan Patrol Jan 10, 2013
29790 Track was very wet, the only hard bit, ie required lockers and muddies was the hill climb. multiple sets of ruts, and would have been interesting to drive down it. I only went up, and part of that was sideways. Toyota Landcruiser Jul 15, 2012
5189 Good fun track Nissan Patrol Apr 1, 2012
18791 Nissan Patrol May 28, 2011
10800 Cobaw Forest has alot to offer, this track is up there Toyota Landcruiser May 28, 2011
11056 Nissan Patrol Oct 17, 2010
6015 Nissan Patrol Aug 15, 2009
1052 hard trk got half way up the main trk and got stuck, could maybe of got through but didnt want to risk rolling it. big clearances and tyres are a must, diff locks would be a good idea, (would not attempt in the wet!) there are also 2 chicken trks one joins in about 1/3rd up the second 2/3rds up past all the really hairy bits, a much easyer option Toyota Landcruiser Jan 6, 2009
648 In the dry it is easy. When it's wet it is interesting to say the least. Nissan Patrol Dec 8, 2008