Cobaw - Mansfield Trk Loop
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So this one was a bit harder. We were following the route from MJOC 07 Trip which was listed as medium. It is clear from this loop track that since 2007 the track conditions have degraded somewhat. It starts off with a good rock descent and comes to where the old track used to go... which is now impassable. Since then though some people have put in a chicken track. The 'chicken track' is now the main track and we stared at it long and hard before attempting it. After much umming and aahhing we thought we'd give it a crack (we were advised by a motorbiker that its too hard for us. This pushed me into action). So after straddling a a rut and running down the big boulders we just had to dodge all the big rocks.
The rest of the track was fairly straight forward. At least, I cant remember anything hairy.

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