Condamine River 2011-02-13
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Track Description

Since the heavy rains in SEQ the Condamine Gorge (The Head) has changed from a good trip in a soft roader trip to needing good 4x4.  The water has moved large rocks around in the river which will need to be walked on many of the crossings.  Charging into the river will cause damage as one RAV4 found out by cracking its fuel tank.  It requires low range and steady as it goes.  The orginal road in many placed is rough and some parts have new tracks around blockages.  This track needs recovery vehicles especially in some of the river crossings as large rocks can cause you to get hung up.  The water level is deep in some places and water bra or snorkel is advised.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
56308 We'll graded good smooth surface. The 14 crossings were easy going with water no higher than top of wheel arch. Would probably rate as easy at the moment but obviously that could change quickly with a moderate to large rain event. Isuzu Mu May 9, 2015
37329 beautiful drive not to challenging no crossing had more than half a meter of water Toyota Prado Feb 15, 2015
45947 water didn't come as high as my hubs. most of the crossings were well traveled and wouldn't be an issue for a Forester or similar. I have in the past done harder crossings in a Corolla and was still comfortable. It would be a different story after a lot of rain. Toyota Landcruiser Oct 4, 2014
42240 Great Fun! Also checked out the watersfalls along Spring Creek Rd. Jeep Wrangler Apr 29, 2014
46328 Did it yesterday. The track is now VERY good. River Cbut quite easy.rossings are a bit squirrelly under tyre Toyota Prado Mar 25, 2014
10156 Water level low, some interesting ruts at the northern end of the track, but still quite suitable for soft-roaders. Jeep Wrangler Sep 15, 2012
13032 easy drive in a patrol Nissan Patrol Sep 6, 2012
29552 After a week of rainfall recently, I went there on a family road trip. River was a bit swollen and all creek crossings were a little higher than usual, however nothing too insane. Few mud patches/trails off to the side of the track every few hundred metres which are a bit of fun if you want to get your car dirty but thats about it. I had an x-trail that came with me and it had no problems either. Toyota Hilux Jul 1, 2012
10194 Completed the track - all creek crossings were below the side boards and the track was dry. Toyota Prado Dec 11, 2011
513 The river crossings was easy as the water levels were low but the road condition was rough from washouts. It was a good and enjoyable trip Mitsubishi Challenger Nov 19, 2011
15187 Good for soft roaders at the moment only about 1ft of water with a light loose rock base. Pick your lines and walk the crossings! Ford Territory Sep 13, 2011
17095 We completed this track before the heavy rains late 2010. Haven't been there since we bought our hilux in 2011. Toyota RAV4