Conjola State Forest
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Track Description

Nice area. Lots and lots of mud/clay/water holes. The tracks are generally firetrails. Some (most are ok) of the holes are rutted out and a lower clearance vehicle may bottom out. They can also be clay. Generally the area can be done in 2wd.

There\'s a couple of creeks, there is one fair sized one down \"Cedar Rd\"  but shallow.

There is a waterfall somewhere in the middle of the place off what i beleive is \"Grass tree Rd\".

Depending on what trail you go down, you can end up at Sussex Inlet or at Bendalong.

To the east side lies Princess highway, parallel to that there is a powerline track. There is a second powerline track on that side also.

You can access both powerline tracks off Red Head Rd.

Red head Rd can be accessed off Bendalong Rd.

First powerline track can be accessed as soon as you get off the highway onto Bendalong Rd, its immediatly left as soon as you get off. That powerline track has some interesting bits. I got as far as a steep 4 way climb but had to get out due to torrential rain.

Where i have placed the marker for this \" track \" is an access track that i have used. There are many access tracks along Bendalong Rd.

I have put together a video of when i was there. It rained there sometime before i went so the area had lots of puddles.

Happy trails all.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
52613 Power line track adjacent to the highway has a few challenging sections for newbies, some steep descents and ascents. Much of the rest of the forest is dirt roads you can do in 2wd. Toyota Hilux Sep 27, 2014
40706 Came across this spot by chance, and it was the first time i had takedn the car off road, absolutely loved it!! Some greta steeps and mud holes. With a couple of creek crossings... Def recommend it... Manyana beach area and surrounds were also stunning! greta fishing.. surf etc. Toyota Prado Sep 13, 2013
42048 Holden Rodeo Jul 31, 2013
25104 first time off road .. followed the main powerlines parrall to the hwy and then a folle=owed the lines on the northen end of the track to the east..easy to get around only one real challange on the east running power lines there is a steep climb with a step of about a meter at the top, but there is a alt route on the side witch get u around it.. was grate way to start off our off road experiences Mitsubishi Pajero Apr 23, 2012
23382 Holden Rodeo Apr 25, 2011
47488 was always there in the late 90s 4wdn and diving at red head Toyota Landcruiser