Wamuran glas house entrance
About the Track
Track Description

Yes another entrance to the glass house mountains, very fun drive, and there is a nice little mud pit right at the entrance, after a fair bit of rain mud will get up to 40 inch and more in the \"pit\"

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
50006 Took on track couple of weeks ago after a couple of days rain very fun! Wen't out again today much drier and some deep ruts left from big tyres but still passable. Jeep Patriot Sep 7, 2014
24801 ha good day out up there my mate put his patrol into a nice big water hole and fried his com but we had fun Nissan Navara Jan 2, 2012
39884 Have entered the state forest from here many times as I used to live there. Have always been with other people like my dad with his old MQ patrol ute or my brother in laws hilux. Have always found it to be a good spot and always enjoyed the drive. Nissan Patrol May 4, 2000