Cove Creek Tracks
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Track Description

Could get down off of Tischendorf Street or Young street, great litle metro time waster, starts going under Young Street bridge and follows the creek east, on both sides. Some areas are near an impossible challenge in the wet!

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
47351 Enter cove netball club be quick and dont be a idiot when entering. Tracks r getting overgrown but got mt stock gu in and out solo Nissan Patrol Mar 15, 2014
49486 There's access off oval road. Very nice sections Creek crossings with tight sections mud holes abit of everything. Great for a day of fun. wouldn't go in there unless u have a lift and mud tyres some sections can get pritty hairy!!!... Holden Colorado Jul 13, 2014
40082 Jeep Wrangler May 27, 2013