Mugge road - Sandy Creek
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Track Description

good fun when it rains, can get boggy down the bottom of the valley.plenty of tracks to explore around here, foothills in the Barossa Valley

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
42440 Drove in winter 2013, very rutty and sticky, great fun but went easy did not want to get stuck as was lone vehicle and my brother spent 4 hrs up to the axles just a week before lol Ford Maverick Feb 11, 2014
30048 Easy track, Muddy at points, "river crossing" is a bit boggy if you take it too slow. Met the owner, he said hes fine with people using it just tell him if you break a fence and keep your eye out because sometimes they walk the dogs there. Mitsubishi Pajero Jul 16, 2012
17811 Great sloppy fun in the wet - kids love it! Leads onto other tracks including a small water crossing. Mitsubishi Pajero Mar 26, 2012
24840 fun after a down fall of rain over the weekend. Toyota Hilux Mar 8, 2012