Culoul Range Fire Trail Hollow Rock Lookout
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The Track

Drive about 18km north of the last service station at Colo Heights, the fire trail is off the overtaking lane on Putty road. The 4WD track is approximately 13km and will eventually lead you to a parking area. The track is very easy going in most places but may prove challanging to all wheel drive vehicles after heavy rain fall. 

Hollow Rock and Wollemi Creek

There is a poorly marked walk track on the north side of the car park, follow this for approximately 350m until you reach Hollow Rock. If you continue on from Hollow Rock, head left down the hill and you should pick up an old trail that leads back to the main fire trail. Follow this for 200m until you see a trail to the right, blocked by a large log. Take this track. It leads up to the top of a hill after about 800m. At the top, there is an obvious main track that continues straight ahead. Eventually you reach the cliff edge (this should be pretty obvious)!

Crawford\'s Lookout is on the south side of the cliff edge, and has excellent views over the Colo River and Wollemi Creek. About 200m to the north is the pass, marked by a cairn. The route down is very steep, but is marked by cairns the entire way. Some rocky out crops need to be negotiated near the top, but are realatively easy from most, continue down the hill to Wollemi creek, the trip normally takes 3 hours at a casual pace from the car park.



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10003 Yeh did this as an overnight canyoning trip, probably 2WDs could do it, but it is definately one of those lookouts that are worth visiting, not many people would realise the true wild and mighty nature of the Colo River unless they come here. Daihatsu Feroza Jul 9, 2010
4071 6/6/2009 done nice track will post Nissan Patrol Jun 5, 2009