Bald Top Tk
About the Track
Track Description
This end of the track in known as Bald Top Tk. It ha sme very steep inclines and declines, late afternoon drives into the sun heading west and early morning into the sun heading east. Sometimes you can\'t see the track over the bonnet as it is so steep. There\'s a great small camping spot at the bottom and a river within 50m. Room for about 3-5 cars/tents.
Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
10203 Did in the other direction this time heading to Sarah Spur. Still in good condition. Toyota Hilux Nov 11, 2013
10203 Fun climb. Toyota Hilux Apr 22, 2011
12717 Great track, climb up to Brewerey rd is terrific fun! Very steep but in pretty good shape. Ford Maverick Mar 8, 2010
6015 Nissan Patrol Jan 25, 2010
2571 Toyota Hilux Apr 24, 2008