Dawes National Park/Resource Reserve
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This can be accessed via a relatively easy 7 klm track at the end of Childs Road. Turn off the Gladstone Monto Road approx 2 klms on the Monto side of Many Peaks. There are three creek crossings which could prove interesting in the wet/after heavy rain, and although the rocks provide a good firm base, there are a few less than ideally placed that could cause grief if not given due care and attention. The track is rutted and overgrown, so be prepared for some pinstripes.

Of interest is the remains of an old copper smelter (two chimneys – one approx 18m tall) and township which is slowly being reclaimed by nature.

It would be a great spot for a night or two (camping is allowed – book on line through DERM https://www.derm.qld.gov.au/parks/iaparks/gds/IAGDS020.do?parkId=909 ) – all in all, a nice and quiet spot.

And for the more adventurous, it is “technically” possible to continue on past this spot and come to the junction of Dooloo Tops Road and Strawberry Creek Road. Dooloo Tops Road takes you back to Monal Road and on to Mungungo/Monto . Strawberry Creek Road leads to Monal Road. This will take you to either Ubobo ( & onto Gladstone) or back past the Kroombit Tops National Park to Cania Gorge.

Local knowledge would be advantageous before attempting either of these, or alternatively, have at least two vehicles and take care – this is steep and rough country and the track (from Dawes end) looks to be fairly overgrown and largely unused, so be warned.

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