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Track Description

Plenty of tracks and fire trails in here, so here's the two i've done.

Access to this area was via alma road, which takes you to the quarry between wondecla and herberton.

Track 1: (short loop, difficult)
On the way to the quarry, there is a wooden sign which says "herberton ->". This track is rarely used, and well washed out, as well as steep and slippery in places. There are several bypass tracks along side the main one, but even then you will need to straddle washouts, and squeeze between trees.
This track links back up to one of the main tracks, which you can then follow back the the quarry.

Track 2: (longer track to back of herberton, moderate)
From the back of the quarry, there is a track leading up the ridge. This track links up with several other trails and fire breaks, and also herberton.
This track had some steep sections, as well as a few trees down. All though there were bypass tracks around the trees, this track isn't used enough for them to be well worn.

Few steep sections both up and down which could be difficult in the wet, and others with good washouts. Towards the end of the track there are a few shallow creek crossings (june) some of which have causeways.

It's also worth sticking to the track as there are a few old mine shafts in places.

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