deep creek 5
About the Track
Track Description
A very good track, with steep inclines and declines. The section along the creek bed is very rocky with a small step on the exit. Can be driving in a stock 4wd with care. Would be considerable harder in the wet.
Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
47178 After 2 days of solid rain it was very slippery, ok with mud tyres but my mate on all terrains need winching up most hills. Took 6 and a half hours to go 6.5 km. awsome Toyota Landcruiser Apr 10, 2014
35172 Good fun Track. Pretty steep in areas. Creek crossing was fun, little bit challenging. Nissan Patrol Aug 17, 2013
10800 Toyota Landcruiser Jan 13, 2011
4735 Nissan Patrol Sep 6, 2010
1506 Nissan Patrol Nov 14, 2009
648 Nissan Patrol Nov 14, 2009
670 Nissan Patrol Nov 14, 2009
1430 Great track. Some steep parts were a bit tricky. Would not try this one in the wet. Mitsubishi Pajero Jan 3, 2009