Donnellys creek Track West
About the Track
Track Description
I had completed this track last year, and done most of it again to get to Army Track. There are some reasonable climbs, and some nice decents, but nothing too over the top. There are a lot of areas with loose sharp rocks, and some tight turns with "across the track\' culverts in them. This track can be done in the lower gears of high range, but found more control with low range. Decent tyres and some clearance are necessary, and the track seems to be a bit narrower this year. This time I started from Merringtons Camp Site, Thompson Dam End. The decent water crossings from last year are not there, must be due to the dry weather, but they are only enough to get the bottom of the tyres wet. They have repaired the junction area, so now can get all the way through from one end to the other. Last year, the last water crossing was not able to be done through debris/high water/rocks, so had to get to Merringtons via toombon, a long way around. A great track to cut your teeth on.
Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
52286 Toyota Hilux Feb 7, 2015
11056 No problems Nissan Patrol Jan 26, 2015
36771 Nice and cruisy track with a few historic markers. Toyota Landcruiser Dec 1, 2013
4530 Mitsubishi Pajero May 23, 2010
4531 Mitsubishi Triton Sep 13, 2010
5796 Easy track but rough as guts. Unfortunately the only way in and out of O'Tooles Toyota Prado Jan 1, 2010
1430 Done at O'Tooles 2009. Easy Track Mitsubishi Pajero Nov 14, 2009
11541 Toyota Hilux Surf Oct 12, 2008
1509 Nissan Patrol Sep 28, 2008
285 Toyota Hilux Sep 14, 2008
1659 Toyota Landcruiser Sep 14, 2008
1506 Toyota Hilux Sep 7, 2008
36 Toyota Landcruiser Mar 23, 2008