Landcruiser Mountain Park
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Located a couple of hours north of Brisbane. Tracks range from easy to difficult to "OH S#*T !!" Park is located on private land. You can pay for just a day visit or camp onsite at reasonable rates. Camping areas have toilets, hot showers and rubbish bins.Kiosk onsite for basic supplies and if the unthinkable happens the park operators can also supply vehicle recovery."$$$"

 ##EDUTED BY  Pure Yobbo 30/9/08##

  Some of the tracks are harder than they are marked on the map. Something to keep an eye on as you may end up in quite a spot.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
54684 Great spot stayed 2 nights. Toyota Landcruiser Aug 11, 2014
22467 top spot Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Oct 1, 2012
21278 up last week dry and dusty, claw gorge is close for good after the flood back in jan. took 9 hour to get to winch comp trucks tho while we where there good fun to watch Nissan Patrol Jan 2, 2012
23762 pretty good for a weekend away Toyota Hilux Nov 14, 2011
21287 Good bit of fun at landcruiserpark during Mud Bulls and Music Toyota Landcruiser Nov 5, 2011
23016 Toyota 4Runner Oct 9, 2011
28831 Awesome... Had a great weekend. Great countryside and plenty of tracks at every level of difficulty. Holden Colorado Sep 10, 2011
30054 Been about 6 times and only completed 95% of the tracks, love this place. Toyota Landcruiser Jul 18, 2011
6702 Was there for the long weekend. OMG the place has changed since the January floods. Some tracks are washed out. Some tracks have changed. And some tracks are new. Amenities available. Plenty of firewood now. Lots of tracks to conquer. Nissan Patrol Apr 25, 2011
513 The tracks have changed since the January 2011 floods and rains Mitsubishi Challenger Apr 4, 2011
5796 Haaa Good fun but be careful driving homewith lift and tyres too big :( Jeep Wrangler Nov 11, 2010
5796 Camp Hill is not just for the big boys. Prado Tough! Toyota Prado Nov 10, 2009
961 Still a wild place. Easy tracks to truck punishing extreme. Nissan Patrol Sep 18, 2009
5702 Went here with 3 other mates, great time was had by all. Mitsubishi Pajero Aug 8, 2009
5367 Low clearance prevented much exploration but great spectator sport! Volkswagon 4wd Jul 17, 2009
5356 Most tracks reasonably dry, few tracks shut for regeneration. Nissan Navara Jul 11, 2009
670 Park Map has been updated the harder tracks are now marked up correctly. Been lots of rain so the roads and some of the tracks are very washed out. Nissan Patrol Apr 26, 2009
3469 awesome, i now need a lift kit !!!! wife reckons she will divorce me and marry a stamp collector !! it was rough Nissan Patrol Mar 15, 2009
1115 Great place has to be one of the best 4b parks. Can drive tracks at night which adds to the experience. Toyota Landcruiser Nov 20, 2008
5796 One word, well maybe a few more: MUD BULLS AND MUSIC!! Toyota Prado Nov 4, 2008
450 Mitsubishi Challenger Sep 30, 2008
670 Varing degrees of tracks from easy through to extremly hard. Always check the tracks before proceeding - some tracks can be harder than they are marked on the maps. Nissan Patrol Sep 30, 2008
1365 Toyota Landcruiser Sep 30, 2008
1693 kool Mitsubishi Pajero Sep 17, 2008
448 Toyota Hilux Jun 14, 2008
5882 Nice place to wheel. Lots of dust. Favorite tracks would be Cruiser Canyon, Telecom Hill and Top Test Track. Toyota Hilux May 23, 2008
2893 Great place for beginners! Watch those side steps...or, if you have a Navara; watch that rear step! Hahahaha! Nissan Navara May 10, 2008
943 Jeep Wrangler Jan 9, 2008
664 Nissan Patrol Nov 16, 2007
293 Nissan Patrol Jul 14, 2007