Eildon - Steep Track
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Track Description

From Eildon you can follow the signs to Eildon Dam. Drive accross the dam then turn left on Jerusalen Creek Road. The start of the track is signposted \"Steep Track\". It may be closed during winter months. The track is mostly easy going. It is quite wide and maintained. There are some great views at the top of the mountains. There is one small section in about the middle of the track that is steep and rocky. It was all handled easily by my standard hilux. If you start at the northern end and finish at the southern there is a small river crossing near the end of the drive. This is a nice spot to stop. The river is shallow enough and reasonably flat for kids to have a play.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
52660 Fun track for the first hit out in the Navara. Some good ascents & descents on shaky rock. Good views of surrounding Eildon area. Might prove a bit tough for SUV's. Nissan Navara Apr 11, 2015
53777 Good track to try out the low range gears Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Dec 21, 2014
18790 Nice track with a number of steep climbs and decents. Probably a little tough for a SUV. Nissan Patrol Mar 11, 2014
42470 Have done this track twice first time on cup day was a breeze but on 3/1/14 was worse and plenty of washouts from the rain. Seems all the tracks around the area have got worse over the last month. Still could be all done with a stock 4wd however Nissan Patrol Jan 3, 2014
21753 Did this track last weekend in the pouring rain, was a bit of fun but nothing too hard. the rock step in the middle of the track is a bit of fun if you pick the wrong line Toyota Hilux May 26, 2012
1174 Toyota Landcruiser Oct 11, 2011
1174 Toyota Landcruiser Oct 11, 2011
11151 did this last weekend great climb with washouts providing some fun would be interesting in the wet also followed the track round and did wombats knob and onto rhonda track the scenery was magical the was water all around as far as you could see rhonda is a handfull one in and out very steep going towards the water Mitsubishi Triton Jun 4, 2011
18361 Woah! My first drive on this track and my adrenaline was pumping - Some very good ascents and descents, shale rock and slippery clay - had a ball and the Navara proved well worth the buy Nissan Navara May 17, 2011