Engineers Road and Dawson City Track
About the Track
Track Description

These tracks run from Mt Baldhead to Dawson City campsite along Engineers Road and Dawson City Track back to the end of Haunted Stream Track

Engineers Road is a graded clay and gravel based track which is easy in most weather conditions.

Dawson City Track has some steep ascents and descents which were easy in the dry, but would be medium at least in the wet.   This part of the track is clay based and would be very slippery on the descents.


DavidCray4x4 Update:

Track is closed soon but if willing to get some scratches you can get in don\'t be fooled you can start it but when you get to the top you cant get out..... is a really fun track in the winter if you have a snorkel....



Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
17302 Drove through this region after a week of rain. Engineers was a fast flowing track but slippery in a few sections. I started descending Dawson City but after some heavily rutted and wet sections I realised I didn't bring my winch, so turned around and climbed out whilst I still could! Toyota Prado Apr 17, 2014
762 Engineers track is a well used track, Dawson city track is relatively steep in sections and could be very tricky in the wet. Toyota Landcruiser Jun 9, 2009