Tambo Crossing to Buchan
About the Track
Track Description

This route takes in several roads and tracks and leads you cross country from Tambo Crossing ( start of Haunted Stream Track ) to Buchan across Mount Elizabeth.   You start the track at Collins Road which runs off the Great Alpine Road and come out on Davidsons Lane and Timbarra Road just near the Buchan Caves.

The tracks vary from graded and quite reasonable gravel surfaces to rutted and narrow tracks.   There is also one interesting river crossing where the bridge is out across the Tambo River where Mt Elizabeth Track meets Kenny Road ( see pictures ). There was only one way across the river that we could find that was about 700 mm deep.   The rest of it wasn\'t even worth wading across, too deep to walk so too deep for the 4WD.

Some beautiful areas along the way and several campsites suitable for numerous vehicles along the Tambo River.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
10618 Track was very easy and had very little camping, one nice place in the middle and one good place at the Tambo Crossing end. Toyota Prado Mar 20, 2010