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Track Description
This track is very steep in places and has loose rock in some sections. It has three very sharp corners to negotiate and towards the end of the T Intersection with Williamson Spur Rd is a rock ledge that demands respect, although there is an alternative track around this section.
Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
36771 Fun Toyota Landcruiser Jun 26, 2015
11056 Fun track All good at the moment Nissan Patrol Jan 26, 2015
42992 2 possible starts from Donelly Creek Rd. The Eastern one is very difficult (not shown here). Very steep with deep diagonal ruts, surface is loose stones & clay. Bennie in Ruby Scoo made it to the top, I had to reverse back down...some hairy moments! The Western start isn't too hard with decent tyres, LR & clearance. Subaru Forester Apr 9, 2014
28523 Did this on the way back from O'tools. Steep, and rocky, but the cruiser chugged up no problem. The rocks near the top were fun. Toyota Landcruiser Nov 11, 2012
25466 good track to start the day with, came up ok slipped in one section but plenty of traction underneath, looked the rock face all i could see was the sky and the cruiser couldnt find any grip on the wet rocks so the chicken track was in order Toyota Landcruiser Jul 3, 2012
14170 did this in the wet and was very slippery and boggy in one section but made it to the top with minimal fuss was good fun Nissan Patrol Jun 16, 2012
17563 Good medium difficulty track with some tight switchbacks. Toyota FJ Cruiser Mar 11, 2012
19346 Did this track both up and down - Down was pitch black heading to camp site from work - lots of fun but quietly sh*tting myself. Up was fun as it was a little greasy, but nothing a bit of thought and some attacking driving can't fix. LandRover Discovery Jun 10, 2011
3685 Nice track with very nice camping ground at O'Tooles. Toyota Prado Feb 24, 2011
13393 Took the track down to O'toole's. Step in some sections and lots of rock. Toyota Hilux Jan 28, 2011
10499 i went up this track a little freaky at first but fun. had to take the chicken track.i wasn't to keen on coming back down it scraped a few times coming back down> :) Mitsubishi Pajero Jan 28, 2011
1430 Did this with a group of forum members on a weekend trip through the area. Fun track in the dry, might be different in the wet. Mitsubishi Pajero Oct 9, 2010
12717 Did it same day as Davidman, took the chicken track as instructed, could have done the steps I promise ;-) Ford Maverick Oct 9, 2010
4735 Nissan Patrol Sep 6, 2010
11813 pretty easy in dry different in the wet ledge at the top fun but can go around if you want. once saw a guy in a slightly mod kia sportage (older stile) climb the ledge section at the top, had to give it alot of stick LandRover Range Rover Apr 18, 2010
3081 Nice ledge to test the tyres, made it but could do with new tyres now. Toyota Landcruiser Apr 10, 2010
6015 Good track. Nice rock wall Nissan Patrol Apr 9, 2010
5796 Good track. Nice one to play on. Rock wall could be fun in the wet "NOT" Toyota Prado Jan 29, 2010
670 Good test for reduction gears, old flats track added a little spice to the track, rock wall could be interesting after some rain Nissan Patrol Nov 15, 2009
285 Used the chicken track!!! Toyota Hilux Surf Nov 14, 2009
762 Did this track with Gilly and co after Toombon Alcoholic Poisoning Night Toyota Landcruiser Sep 3, 2009
1659 Did it VERY hung over after Toombon trivia night. Toyota Landcruiser Mar 9, 2009
2387 Toyota Landcruiser Jan 1, 2009
1506 No chicken track for me up the top!! Toyota Hilux Nov 18, 2008
1509 Nissan Patrol Nov 18, 2008
1509 Nissan Patrol Nov 18, 2008
648 Great track! Nissan Patrol Nov 9, 2008
11541 Toyota Hilux Surf Oct 12, 2008