Fraser Island Sept 2008
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Fraser Island at the end of Sept 2008 was easy to medium for the tracks even after large seas and rain.  The northern scenic loop was great and you can see the massive difference between the beach, forests and sandy derests.  Fishing was good too, have marked some good gutters in the file where tailor, dart and bream were being pulled in.  I did loss signal in some areas and looks like an investment into a high gain antenna is on the cards for christmas.

The attach images are roughly 50 meters either side of the washout.  Many drivers was being caught by them after the large seas.  Please drive carefully and be mindful of the people on the beach as some 4x4 drivers went through some areas at 80KM/H past young kids playing on the beach. 

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
46356 Airborne constantly Toyota Landcruiser Nov 9, 2014
51367 We did all these tracks shown. In particular the inland route shown in this thread was really rough. Not hard for a stock 4wd but just really bumpy both soft sand bumps and hard rock bumps. Took a few hours at crawling speed Toyota Hilux Nov 22, 2014
11056 Just like a super highway Nissan Patrol Sep 24, 2013
36152 Plan your trip by the tides. best widest firm sand on the beach is 2hrs either side of low tide. In our case meant some pretty early starts or driving on churned up dry and deep wheel ruts. Great experience tho. You've gotta go do it. Toyota Hilux Jul 20, 2013
513 Just arrived home from Fraser. Beach was the best I have seen it as there was a hard sand up near the dunes making it easy to travel most of the beach at high tide. Indian Head track was fun to get through but the sand was sloppy. Rain will help but that didn't while I was there. Inland tracks to Lake Mackenzie had soft patches and large holes. The tourist bus even bottomed out over some of them. The track was easy to get bogged and someone managed to do so in a area leaving the lake. Over all the driving was good. Noticed the tow truck having great business from accidents. Mitsubishi Challenger Sep 29, 2012
13032 this trip was great drove the whole length and did moon point as well . sand was a bit soft at moon other than that wasn't to hard with a bit of experience Nissan Patrol Aug 2, 2012
12086 Nissan Navara Jul 22, 2010
11304 Toyota Landcruiser Feb 24, 2010
664 Nissan Patrol Aug 18, 2009
3046 Saw lots of backpackers and tour buses, the northern loop was great fun and really does show how the island can change. The exposed rocks on the east are all easy to cross. Nissan Patrol Jun 1, 2009
10731 drove all over the island for 10 days. no probs on beach or inland. magic place Toyota Hilux Oct 3, 2008
648 Didn't quite get all the way to the top of the Island. There is always next time! Nissan Patrol Sep 15, 2008
30054 Love the fishing and 4wding here Toyota Landcruiser Feb 18, 2008
3197 The best beach driving anywhere... we loved it & cant wait to get back there.. Toyota Landcruiser
2469 Go Winter - only saw one tour bus Mitsubishi Pajero
6015 Nissan Patrol Sep 18, 2005