The Bridle Track to Hill End
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The Bridle Trail is a great day out. in good weather any awd with decent clearance will get along this road with no problems. There are many great camp sites along this road. For the well prepard a return via Turon Gourge is possible.

(GPS Trak to come when I manage to download it :D)

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Bridle Track Monaghans Bluff impassable by car , bike possible if keen

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
13822 Very dry and dusty. Joined the Bridle track from Root Hog crossing camped just after the causeway. Easy relaxing drive, plenty of camping areas, just have to watch other vehicles coming down when heading up to Hill End. Mitsubishi Pajero Oct 4, 2014
31223 great drive in BUT still blocked near Monaghan's Bluff. Completed trip to Hill End via Box Range Track. Brilliant country and reasonably easy.Tried the Dixon Long rd to Orange BUT Macquarie river to wide/deep for no diff breathers. Next time! Nissan Pathfinder Jun 3, 2014
46776 Very simple for beginners. Still a nice run though, and great scenery. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Dec 16, 2013
41572 HIll End to road closure, keen to head back and join up with Root Hog fire trail if Turon river can be crossed. Mitsubishi Challenger Aug 19, 2013
30877 Hill end to the buff has great tracks off to the side of the road great camping and toilets good day trip or longer Mazda BT-50 Aug 18, 2013
41402 Road still closed Toyota Landcruiser Jul 10, 2013
40449 Did this in new 2013 Subie. Scared because it was only two weeks old. I didn't fail us though. It did great. So annoying about rock slide. I would be pushing the council to fix it. We got right up to the monogans bluff sign pritty much but just before it there was a clearing with agate saying track closed. IT WAS UNLOKED and I was tempted to continue on. AMAZING TRIP. Don't be scared. Just do it. Its worth it in any car. Subaru Outback May 30, 2013
31700 Drove the whole Bridle Track from Bathurst to Hill End on a Honda Dominator - what a great ride especially past the landslide... Toyota Prado Feb 15, 2013
14189 Amazing views Nissan Navara Dec 30, 2012
23245 Ford Territory Oct 19, 2011
18811 An easy drive. Great camping during the colder months when there aren't as many people. Also worth taking a lilo down the river if you are looking for something different to do. Toyota Hilux Jan 10, 2011
12822 Track closed due to vanishing track after heavy rain. But a really nice return drive from Hill End. LandRover Discovery Sep 27, 2010
14955 Good track, little slippery after rain in places. Nobody around at this time of year. Going back to do it North to South !!!!!!! Nissan Patrol Aug 12, 2010
10301 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Jul 6, 2010
3046 Lovely trip especially along the narrow section. Not difficult but the views are great Nissan Patrol Mar 25, 2010
4631 Nice easy run no problems Ford Explorer Feb 15, 2010
13585 We did this in the Kluger and didn't have a problem in the rain Toyota Kluger Nov 21, 2009
4853 i have been there twice - in dry conditions it's easy as a dirtroad (going in 2 WD) - in wet conditions you need your 4WD - nice views... nice camping - sometimes a little crowded... but good fun Mitsubishi Pajero Jun 11, 2009
3845 Toyota Hilux Surf Jun 10, 2009
153 River was up, but no problems on the track itself. Lovely trip from Hill End down to Bathurst. Jeep Wrangler Dec 28, 2008
57 This is a great drive, and heaps of great camping along the river. Takes about 4.5hours from Canberra to get to the first camping area, about 3.5 from Sydney Nissan Patrol Oct 23, 2008
2765 Be ready for crowded long weekends and very cold winter nights near the river. Toyota Prado
12401 very dry and dusty when we did that drive Toyota Landcruiser Aug 10, 2003
17332 Did this in a Ford Falon..... - No 4WD yet Apr 10, 2000
10010 Nissan Pathfinder
5367 Toyota Landcruiser