Gees Arm South
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Lots of side way action with a bit of a trap! Easier (safer) to enter then it is to exit. A good chance of rolling off a small cliff edge for top heavy vehicles. \"Foot

Recommend a lift and lockers.

Lots of large bouldery steps even on the hill climbs and descents. The chicken tracks can be Killers too!

Been there again with some members of 4x4Earth and had a great time

Once again I never got to the lookout as I was out of time and left the crew to continue on, next time.

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Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
36778 Suzuki Sierra Sep 13, 2014
54119 "Chicken" tracks on the hillclimb out are not very chicken-ie. They where a challange for the hiluxes (no lockers) Would be difficult to do without lift, suitable tyres and experience. Bring tools and recovery gear. Do not go alone, do not go at night without familiarity of area, and certainly not alone. Bent patrol rear lower control arms on climb out, front wheels on top of the rock step. Diff rotated, stuff broke. Had to roll back down and repair. Thrash your car, you probably gunna have a bad time. Ford Maverick Apr 20, 2014
44717 I came to the "last" climb and that was end for me. Stock 08 hilux with all terrain tyres very, very difficult. pretty much I was picking the easiest way all the time. Still had a lot of fun. Toyota Hilux Dec 1, 2013
26511 great track, this time in the wet and to the end LandRover Discovery Nov 16, 2013
26511 great track only made it 3/4 as Sunday afternoon but this is a lot of fun, would recommended to have proper rock sliders, good protection and minimum 2" lift if you don't want to wreck something LandRover Discovery Nov 3, 2013
26093 Wow, what fun we had. Did it along with 16 other 4bies. Only 3 truck broke down. 2 parked on the side and the rest made it to the lookout. lots of carnage though. Toyota Landcruiser Aug 11, 2013
34982 Good, tough track a lot of fun Toyota Prado Jul 25, 2013
21151 Did this track with (Dad) lifted Mitsubishi Triton. Toyota Hilux Dec 23, 2012
21151 Did this track by myself, very good track. Will test peoples skills. Definitely going back! Toyota Hilux Apr 9, 2012
3093 Good Track. Did in Standard GU IV Patrol Nissan Patrol Mar 25, 2012
25469 Completed track with 95 series prado. great challenge of my 150, but left me wanting 33's and another inch of lift Toyota Prado Jan 31, 2012
25347 Popped a tyre on one of the climbs. but still had a great day out must try this track soon due to it being on the list to be closed. so if you wanna try it do it soon Nissan Patrol Jan 23, 2012
24035 rolled my car came back to pick it up the next morning and it had been stolen my a bunch of dumb craps Suzuki Sierra Jan 16, 2012
17302 Made it all the way to the lookout this time. Myself in a Prado 90/33's (dual lockers) with a Prado 150/32's (traction control). We picked hard lines through most of it, but it gets harder towards the end, so we had to choose some "easy" lines. Awesome track! Toyota Prado Jan 14, 2012
20775 Went back in the Prado and 3 GU Patrols. Weather was fantastic and got as far as I did last time with out the winch. The day was cut short again when one of the Nissans snapped a rear uni joint. Toyota Prado Jan 7, 2012
24489 Did this track solo on the weekend. A bit dry and slippery on some of rutted out steps but generally pretty straight forwards. Was good fun! Jeep Wrangler Jan 4, 2012
20775 A great challenge for a rear locked 1" lifted 90 series. I only had to use the winch once. Had to turn back early when torrential rain started. No issues with the exit. Toyota Prado Dec 11, 2011
17302 Finally took this challenge on and had some great fun! Three Prado's managed to get about 3/4 in before a heavy storm came along and swayed us into leaving. Can't wait for next time! For reference; a 2" lifted 90 series can get by with locker and winch. A 2" lifted 120 series will bottom out, a lot. Toyota Prado Dec 11, 2011
17917 Got to the look out and back with 2 other Defenders and an 80 series, no dramas accept for a lost mudflap and a bent side step. Trip report with vids in the forum. LandRover Defender Nov 5, 2011
19200 awesome track,some truly epic ascents/descents.happy days indeed.I usually play out lyal/mt walker and this was alot different country.highly recommended. Suzuki Sierra Nov 9, 2011
19200 Suzuki Sierra Nov 2, 2011
22793 Went as far as we could on our own, look out for trail bike riders, not a bad track with a 2" lift Toyota 4Runner Oct 9, 2011
3629 Mitsubishi Pajero Oct 7, 2011
21972 Good track quite washed out, big steps if you want to but even the chicken tracks can be difficult if not lifted. Made it to the end with lift, no lockers and no winch. A Hilux with us bent the rear tailshaft early and had to stop. Nissan Patrol Sep 24, 2011
17457 not a bad track, good morning out, some big steps. looks a lot worse than what it is. Nissan Patrol Sep 3, 2011
13473 Track was well rutted with many big steps. Toyota Hilux Surf Aug 7, 2011
11304 Did it solo but had to use lockers and the winch. Fun track that only leads to a look out. Toyota Hilux Aug 6, 2011
12401 Its a great track. really enjoyed it with some 4x4Earth members Toyota Landcruiser Aug 6, 2011
3629 Mitsubishi Pajero Jul 31, 2011
17197 Drove the track last night for the first time. Not a bad track. Not to hard but would look daunting to a beginner. Toyota Hilux Jun 5, 2011
19315 Nissan Patrol May 22, 2011
1166 Great track does not go through to upper colo it goes to a look out did it pretty easy in the patrol no dramas at all but not for the beginner or stock trucks Nissan Patrol May 13, 2011
17871 geez it is an amazing track Toyota Hilux Apr 16, 2011
11356 As Described, Very eroded track. Has anyone made it to the end (Upper Colo Rd) ??? Nissan Patrol Feb 28, 2011
19299 good view off the end of the ridge Toyota Landcruiser Dec 19, 2010
12401 As the description Toyota Landcruiser Nov 13, 2010
4489 Did this trail a few times last year in my Wrangler. Previous description is accurate, had a lot of fun, did some damage. Do Not let newbies drive down there. I will finish it my new car Toyota Prado Feb 6, 2010
5878 good fun, out with a couple of 4x4earth crew Nissan Patrol