ZigZag Railway Station to Ben Bullen
About the Track
Track Description

Nice trip from the ZigZag Railway Station to Ben Bullen. Lost City, a part of Powerline Track and a nice drive trough a dense forest included. 

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
5245 Great track with some seep sections. Easy when dry. Jeep Wrangler May 26, 2012
29856 Toyota Hilux Jan 13, 2012
17302 Been through here many times. Rating varies from easy to very difficult. Toyota Prado Jan 1, 2012
11304 Used rear lockers on ascent to Ben Bullen after crossing Wolgan Rd. otherwise easy. Toyota Hilux Aug 7, 2011
11304 Toyota Landcruiser Mar 19, 2011
13933 Jeep Wrangler Nov 23, 2010