Gentle Annie Track
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Enter off Forest Track and turn left onto Tea Tree Road. Head North onto the Western Track which turns to the east to the Gentle Annie Track. The most difficult parts of the track are on Gentle Annie. The track goes into an intersection and either Forest Road or Tea Tea Track lead back out.

Done this from lift Patrol. It was nothing for that. And also standard Patrol without lift. It was bit difficult for that. Specially rock area. Need some attention. But can do in dry. In wet could be very slippy and difficult.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
45494 Great track, did it several times in 2009 from the bottom of Western fire trail with 31's and a bit of winching Toyota Hilux Jul 13, 2014
1 Toyota Hilux Jun 28, 2014
1 Toyota Hilux Jun 28, 2014
1 Toyota Hilux Jun 28, 2014
1 bcvbcvb Toyota Hilux Jun 28, 2014
45751 A Very nice track to play on with the Vitara which as yet is still only standard hight with 28's on it & we had a play on the boulders. Suzuki Vitara Mar 30, 2014
35467 Mitsubishi Triton May 25, 2013
20682 Toyota Prado Jul 15, 2012
26110 Did this track in a 2" lifted front locked 80 series 33" muddies, a 3" lifted twin locked 80 series, 34" muddies and a 1" lifted Pajero, unlocked, 32" muddies. Pretty easy overall. The rock ledges are interesting - got the Pajero up the chicken track without any drama. If you want to go up the interesting way, the difficulty increases from right to left. Got the single locked Landcruiser up the middle section easily. Only the twin locked Landcruiser made it up the extreme left section. Look out for your transfer on the ledges! Toyota Landcruiser Mar 26, 2012
17104 easy in dry with a pajero on 31's, only interesting bit is the rock playground Mitsubishi Pajero Feb 12, 2012
25515 Toyota Hilux Jan 15, 2012
13393 Easy track until last section at top where it can be challenging. Toyota Hilux Jan 22, 2011
1524 Nissan Patrol Jun 22, 2010
10155 Mitsubishi Pajero Mar 30, 2010
1506 Great track & found it not to be a problem but in the wet could be very challenging Nissan Patrol Feb 13, 2010
10962 Fairly cruisy in the dry. I think the graders may have been through after the fires? Nissan Patrol Feb 7, 2010
4199 Come from Wesern track going up good cruisy track in the dry few hills with big rocks on corners and near the top a nice rock section chicken track on the right. Played on the rock section and continued out to Forest Rd just before exit nice down hill clay base no control if wet going down just stay in the ruts it was damp when we did it good fun. Nissan Patrol Jan 25, 2010
1872 Started this track from the Forest Road End. Nice easy to moderate trip to the top in Standard Prado & Paj in the dry only. There is a series of rocky ledges down a few 100 metres from the peak which can be traversed - with good wheel placement - without scraping in vehicles without lift. The peak has a nice small loop track where you can stop for lunch etc. Submitted a GPS Track File. Toyota Prado Jan 17, 2009
2696 Easy track in the Dry. i Love the rock field at the top of it. deep rutts so bigger tires needed in the wet. in the dry you can just stradle the rutts. Jeep Wrangler Jan 10, 2009
2256 Track is a good fun track without being challenging, will do it again for sure. Nissan Patrol Nov 5, 2008
1430 Did this track without any problems. Might be a different story if it had been wetter. Some slippery bits heading up the mountain itself. Thought Tea Tree Track heading back was more difficult Mitsubishi Pajero Oct 19, 2008
107 Very deeply rutted heading south. Needs 35+ and tons of lift! Don't drive it unequipped or without a friend (to snatch you out) Nissan Pathfinder
1137 this used grat fun in the wet but havent been there in a while Suzuki Sierra Jul 17, 2008
388 Nissan Patrol Mar 17, 2008
2387 did this track in ep 1 of going 4wd, was a bit damp but we gat a stock paj up without too many probs Toyota Landcruiser Jan 12, 2008
116 Nissan Patrol Jul 10, 1996