Stockton Beach Anna Bay
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Some of these dunes are massive. Can be very busy on weekends. Enter via Paterson Drive. There are some old tank traps from the Second World War, these may or may not be covered by sand.


Van Man Update:

The Stockton Dunes is great place to be but beware: the drive over the dunes to find the southerly exit is pretty hard to find for newcomers. Some exits are for mall 4wd buggy\'s only, don\'t try to get down here or you might get stuck in the swamps. Look out for the sign (see picture) and try the exit 500 m North.
If you would drive perpendicular to the coast from the correct exit, you would end up just over 1 km north of the wreck. Good luck and have fun!

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
58716 Jeep Cherokee Mar 8, 2015
38830 Drove along with 2 Xtrail and 1 outlander up to about 10km south from Gan gan road, need to drop the pressure to 18 and no drama at that time. Mitsubishi Pajero Mar 1, 2015
55913 great track, enter via the Lavis Lane. Better from there, cause there are more air pump at this entrance. LandRover Range Rover Jan 25, 2015
50353 Great track started at the Larvis Lane entrance sand wasn't to boggy the Quadra-Track system works a treat. Jeep Grand Cherokee Jul 27, 2014
48052 Great Day, got bogged once.. not too hard to dig her out! Toyota Hilux Apr 23, 2014
5245 Great fun. Tyres down to 20psi. $30 great value. Jeep Wrangler Jan 20, 2013
11451 Great fun, missus had a drive and is as keen as me to go back again! Toyota Hilux Jun 2, 2012
27390 Great day trip from Central Coast. Whole family had a ball playing on the dunes and following the tracks running parallel to the beach. Was pretty busy, but real impressed with Lavis Lane entry from last trip 2 years ago. Couldn't recognize it it has changed so much. NPW have done a great job. Highly recommend for a family day out Ford Ranger May 5, 2012
25369 nice and easy Suzuki Vitara Mar 4, 2012
36908 Toyota Hilux Mar 2, 2012
33949 First offroad experience! Did a tag-a-long tour. Won't need one next time. Toyota Hilux Feb 25, 2012
10397 the best! could go for days Isuzu D Max Feb 6, 2012
15698 Good fun, started from the South. Easy to get stuck which we did several times. Go with a full tank of fuel, the cars were even more thirsty than we were. Toyota Prado Jan 1, 2012
24202 What a beautiful spot to camp, fish and bash around in the dunes. Not a bad idea to fit your vehicle with a flag if its a busy time of year. I saw a couple of close encounters. Mazda Bravo Dec 26, 2011
22793 It rained but 18Psi no probs Toyota 4Runner Oct 2, 2011
20293 Track is awesome. We headed up on Friday via the Lavis Lane entrance. Annual pass is still only $30. We had a lot of fun in the dunes, occaisionally needing to use low range. Went back through from anna Bay on Saturday and went along the beach, with a few sidetracks into the dunes to do a bit of taboggoning. We then went past the Lavis Lane exit and further south to the shipwreck. Great place for a beach run, or a lot of fun in the dunes. Lots of opportunity for some great pics as well. Facilities are great with a service station within 1km from either exit to inflate tyres if you don't have an onboard compressor. Reccomend 20psi in winter and 16psi during summer. They even have areas off the main entrances and exits to inflate or deflate tyres. Great Fun Toyota Hilux Jul 15, 2011
14189 Great fun, so much space! Drove from Anna Bay to the shipwreck and back - lots of people out having fun too. Next time, will tackle the dunes! Nissan Navara Feb 6, 2011
16649 Can I go again please !!! So much Fun !!! Toyota Landcruiser Dec 29, 2010
11304 My missus drove this time. Had a great time as always. Toyota Landcruiser Oct 16, 2010
10764 Visited Stockton pretty much every day for the 1st week of the Sept/Oct school holidays - the Rav handled the beach and sand dunes surprisingly well. Toyota RAV4 Sep 27, 2010
11056 Nissan Patrol Sep 26, 2010
5796 Awsome .. Toyota Prado Sep 25, 2010
6015 Heaps of fun. Nissan Patrol Sep 25, 2010
5542 Great day out. Sydney and back in a day. Nissan Navara May 18, 2010
5542 Great day out. Sydney and back in a day. Nissan Navara May 18, 2010
10618 Good site, Drove from Anna Bay to Stockton. Plenty if Dune fun to be had in between. Toyota Prado Apr 26, 2010
9978 great day out with a couple members from the forum. sand was nicely packed after a bit of rain and the dunes were MASSIVE ! small piece of advice unless you have big power drive in 4wd low. i tried high range and got nowhere. slipped back to 4wdL and was right for the rest of the day.all in all a fun day dune driving but be careful as some of the dunes are deceiving. Nissan Patrol Feb 6, 2010
5020 Great fun, the little stock Suzuki realy shines on the dune, will be going back for sure. Suzuki Grand Vitara Jan 25, 2010
10011 Was VERY hot (40 deg plus) and sand was very soft. Had to stop several times to let the engines cool down. Also had to keep reducing the tyre preassure as the heat kept building it up! Mitsubishi Delica Jan 23, 2010
1659 Drove the dunes at the Middle Earth '09 trip. A big CAUTION: CAN BE EXTREMELY FUN AND ADDICTIVE AND MAY RESULT IN WANTING TO MOVE HERE!! Loved the place. 14-16psi in the 80 Series. Toyota Landcruiser Oct 10, 2009
961 Awsome!! One of those places you HAVE to visit!! Tyre pressures to16 psi. Sand is VERY soft! Nissan Patrol Oct 3, 2009
27555 Dunes were soft, sunk a few times. Beach run was good Toyota Landcruiser Sep 6, 2009
5878 Allways a good fun time on stockton... Nissan Patrol Aug 22, 2009
4735 Ran it with the people on the middle earth trip, good easy fun, tyre pressure 15-16 psi worked well. Nissan Patrol Jul 5, 2009
4071 Went on stockton beach with the convoy ,from middle earth had a great time....... Nissan Patrol Jul 5, 2009
5188 Went for a night fish Saturday Evening, the dunes were great to drive in on. As for the fishing, well everything was great except for a mad cross we ended up to lighting a fire and enjoying stockton at night. Toyota Prado Jul 4, 2009
4447 spent the long weekend on the beach what a place to spend some hols great views and tin town is a site to see recommend it for any 1 Ford Maverick Jun 9, 2009
4013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Jun 6, 2009
4762 Stockton is quite easy, but just needs to be tackled with care. 16psi in the tyres, go with another car, keep good recovery gear (snatch strap, shovel, shackles at a minimum) and watch your speed. Don't sit to close to the person in front, and don't use your brakes. I recommend coming in from Lavis Lane and exiting from Anna Bay. The Anna Bay end is a lot easier if your car is low or you've never done beach driving. A lot of Stockton has become private property, with the best dunes at the Anna Bay end now being corded off for sand minding. Although you can still get to them if you travel from the western end of the beach, I'm not sure of the consequences if you get caught. A beach permit is required and can be obtained from the servos at Anna Bay or the Metro at Lavis Lane. The last one we bought was $30 for a year, but you can get a weekend pass as well. Toyota Prado May 1, 2009
3975 Fantastic Time, My first 4WD, went with an experienced driver that taught me the ropes! Definitely a place to go! Saw the famous Sygna Shipwreck however missed out on seeing Tin City, will be going again, well worth the trip! You can check out our trip video at: Toyota Hilux Apr 18, 2009
4458 A great spot for Sunday morning breakfast and watching the sun come up at the ship wreck. Tin City is fantastic.Looks like something out of Mad Max. Always fun just be prepared,the sun plays tricks on the sand around mid day-no shadows Toyota Prado Mar 22, 2009
3046 Spent clean up Australia day at Stockton, we entered via Lavis lane and hit the sand. Just make sure you lower your tyre prssures, try to avoid changing gear in a manual and take home your rubbish. Entry via Anna bay a doddle. Nissan Patrol Mar 1, 2009
2686 this was our second visit to stockton, and we were accompanied by friends in their Subaru Outback, we spent two days cruising the area, this time we were introduced to the Anna Bay entrance, which is much easier for newbies than Lavis Lane, much easier on your vehicle as well.. love it such a massive area to explore, Mitsubishi Pajero Jan 13, 2009
2962 BTW, you need a beach permit its something like $10 for 3 days, get this and a map from service station before either entrance. Toyota Landcruiser Dec 23, 2008
2791 Ssangyong Musso Dec 13, 2008
2686 COMMON SENSE WILL PREVAIL... tyre pressure, equipment, and 2 or more vehicles.. heaps of people around on weekends but at some times can go kms without seeing anyone, long walk if you get bogged .. watch out for the hoons aiming for big air off the dunes... Mitsubishi Pajero Dec 9, 2008
2598 was heaps fun with the boyz n the runner Daihatsu Feroza Dec 3, 2008
2624 - No 4WD yet Nov 23, 2008
1615 Toyota Landcruiser Sep 19, 2008
79 Nissan Patrol Feb 2, 2008
916 Great fun but did not find it to hard. With the right tyre pressure and common sence it is do-able. make sure you have a mate to help you out should you get bogged Jeep Wrangler Jan 17, 2008
2765 Check Tyre pressures on the soft sand Toyota Prado May 21, 2007
513 Great place to do sand driving and I totally enjoyed it. Well revisit it again when in the region. Toyota Prado Jan 10, 2007
2962 This is Not Difficult !, should be marked as green or at worst blue, welcome beginers!, Is only as hard as you make it. let down your tyre pressures, and if you do get in serious trouble, theres always guys on patrol that can help! If you want to get straight into the fun enter via 'lavis lane', to get straight into the dunes! '23kms?'of fun! Toyota Landcruiser Dec 23, 2005
12401 We turned up late at night. never been here before, found ourselves going round in circles after a while so we just camped where we realized it. Had a great weekend after that Toyota Landcruiser Aug 10, 2003
3804 Toyota Hilux Apr 25, 2003