Gentle Annie
About the Track
Track Description
Gentle Annie is in Amamoor State Forest. Pleseant trip. Take packed lunch, Chair, Water & camera. There are lots of tracks in this area and plenty of wildlife.
Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
313 We did a different track that led up to this track at the top of the hill. The track was impassable due to a tree that had fallen and collapsed part of the track with it. Motorbikes & quad bikes will be fine, but not 4WD's anymore. Was a real shame because it was an awesome track up until that point Toyota Prado Apr 14, 2014
2 It had been raining a bit, but not in the last 2 days. Stock Jeep with 2 inch lift. Quite easy all the way through except for the rocks. A Subaru with 2 inch lift made it up fairly easily. Good fun. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Apr 17, 2011
6700 We found another way down from the top Great fun!!! nice views Nissan Patrol Nov 27, 2010
670 This track is graded as an extreme track when raining or there has been recent rain. Nice views along the way. Nissan Patrol Oct 11, 2008
664 Nissan Patrol Jun 2, 2008