Kin Kuna
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Track Description

Great camping area with lots of easy to medium tracks. Watch for water tables after a lot of rain, you can be driving along on firm sand then axle deep in what looks like mortar. Take along a rod or two, and the aeroguard.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
53043 Have done this track a few times, a lot easier to access now but still a bit soft in some spots. Did it my land with a trailer, haven't got bogged yet. having my tyres on 16 psi helps heaps. Toyota Landcruiser Oct 6, 2014
50483 Toyota Hilux Oct 16, 2014
2468 Have been to Kinkuna a few times now over the last 8yrs & it always changes. Great camping, great beach drive & fishing. LandRover Discovery Nov 11, 2013
48446 Nice place to drive, the logged track doesn't include the entire beach edge drive. There's quite a few lovely places to set up camp on the waters edge but the sand was quite boggy and deep close to the beach. Will do it again for sure! Nissan Terrano Aug 24, 2013
9982 Great drive to the campsites from the north. Access to Woodgate is closed due to the rains. Holden Rodeo Apr 25, 2010
3260 Used track notes from Dirty Weekends in Southeast Queensland for my day out here. Track notes had a bridge in the Woodgate section which has now washed out. Got bogged going around. Bring Aeroguard. Nissan Navara Nov 21, 2008
664 Nissan Patrol