Glasshouse - Powerline track
About the Track
Track Description

One of the many powerline tracks throughout Glasshouse, this is the first one we have tried. The path we took can be viewed here:

Lots of nice rocky descents and ascents. Can get very slippery when wet as well as muddy in some spots. All of the tracks going to and from the main powerline track are easy. Plenty of chicken tracks to get around anything too difficult, as you can see we did at the beginning of the track.

All around good fun and diverse track. Just be careful of the mud pits!

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
24726 Good fun. Completed most except the Canyon didnt have a second vehicle so didnt risk it. Some nice climbs and descents Jeep Cherokee Oct 18, 2014
513 The powerline track was in fair condition after the rains. In some areas the damage caused by 4x4's with 33 and 35" tyres was to much and made it hard to get through. Big Red after the rains is only for extreme trucks and even then may not be able to get through. The top left track on Big Red is blocked by a car body. Mitsubishi Challenger Mar 31, 2012
30042 Great track. Kept me on my toes! But there was never a chance of us getting up Big Red... Nooo way. Jeep Wrangler Mar 19, 2012