Glasshouse Mountains, Gardeners Track
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This is an awesome track. Out are Glasshouse the tracks are usually easy or very difficult. This is a challenging track without being insane. Drive along Glasshouse Woodford rd after the lookout it is the 2nd or 3rd left. You can tell its the right one because it has a fence at the entrance. This is one of those tracks that is about 5kms long and takes you around 2-3 hrs to complete. Lots of steep ups and downs and uneven track. At the end of the track near the fence there is a bonus part up a very steep rock climb. My uncle did it in his Disco and it was insane. If you complete this track and espesially the bonus track attach/send some pics in......oh watch out for the stump on the bonus track. This is one of the better unknown tracks in Glasshouse......enjoy

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
52098 Done this track 3 times, easy to find (follow directions). Moderate difficulty, getting on the limits for stock vehicles due to a few washouts on climbs (when tackled from lookout end), a 2"+ lift will save bodywork. As mentioned watch for the log it's hard to see on one of the hills. Nissan Patrol Nov 21, 2014
51387 Great track! Entered from the point noted above (3rd on your left)and tried heading down the left hand track to start with. Clearance became an issue for the stock Pajero in our party so we turned around and headed down the right track. This took us to the steep rock climb (which the Pajero opted out of) and down to Beerburrum-Woodford Road. Suzuki Sierra Aug 13, 2014
43402 Watch out for the stump Nissan Patrol Nov 15, 2013