Bylong Creek 4x4 Park
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This is how to get to Bylong Creek 4x4 Park. Lots of people miss the turnoff onto Wooleys Rd as its not marked on any maps (just shows a unnamed road if anything) So I included Wooleys road into the track - Its a dirt road also

Please keep speeds down and put gates back like you found them (generally they should all be closed - else cattle can get out theres no grids)

At the time I posted this - its $15 per day to use the Bylong 4x4 park facility's (includes camping)

PS The track ends at the "bottom campgrounds"

Theres x2 ways to get there(as you can see from the track where it splits) The track on the western side would be a better choice if your towing anything, but the track on the eastern side offers are more exciting ride if your not :)

Just before the track splits you can see I drove up and down a few times just off the main track - I had a play in the Wombat holes:D (Wombat holes=a short straight man made section with holes dug precisely to ensure your crossaxled)

I had icons with the wombat holes campgrounds embedded in the map but they arnt showing for some reason so thought I should elaborate in text

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