Glendon - Warwick
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Track Description

Plenty to chose from at this awesome Camp Grounds suit to 4X4 and Motorbikes.


For Beginners there are lots of nice flat tracks which the occasional hill. For the boys who like to get dirty there are a few spots with some mud and also some steep slippery hill climbs.


Soft roaders beware - some steep climbs with sharp rocks can ruin your day. A family camping with our group learnt the hard way when they attempted a leisurely drive up to the plateau - in their Merc (see pic) . A rock ruptured it\'s fuel tank half way up a hill.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
47239 lots of fun had.. Toyota FJ Cruiser Mar 30, 2014
451 Awesome camping grounds and tracks,would be great in the wet,was very dry this weekend. easy and medium tracks,But i did not see the whole park,keep an eye for bikes.. Toyota Landcruiser Apr 10, 2011
5796 Toyota Prado Sep 11, 2007