Gollarribee Switchbacks
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Out the back of Batemans Bay is a place called Runnyford, Keep heading out past there and what have you got?

Hundred and thousands of Acres of nothing but completely useless hilly bushland covered with steep hills and decents rivers flowing everywhere rocks mud what a waste of country? what to do there? 4WD of course :D


Sitting just west of Batemans Bay you will find an abundance of tracks and trails, this is one of my more favourite trails out there, nice easy driving you may or may not need a small lift on your vehicle all depends on what model it is. Not a track to be done in the wet if you only have a stocker, otherwise stock with some decent all terrains will pull you through but reccomend decending the Switchbacks rather than climbing if the rubber on your vehicle is not your friend.

The trail starts at Runnyford road intersection on the princess highway just north of Mogo, winding its way up through the country side until Quort pot fire trail where you find yourself coming accross lush green paddocks and top spots for fishing, camping and swimming. Beware of some of the land out here as it is private property as you drive through some areas where cattle might be scattered accross roads so take caution with cattle grids and the cattle itself.

Now seems as this is my first track post im not quite sure what else to say other than HAVE FUN!!!! (p.s many more tracks to explore out this way)

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
43598 I took this track while it was raining, no problems in my R51 pathfinder with 2" lift and snorkel and AT tyres. The only challenges were a large tree across the track at the switchbacks that I squeeezed over and through, it would have been a lot tighter in a full size Landcruiser/Patrol. Nissan Pathfinder Sep 8, 2014
4048 Also loaded this track as Quart Pot Gollarribee Circuit. Went up the switchback, enjoyable drive. Mitsubishi Pajero Apr 26, 2013
35977 just some fun Toyota Landcruiser Nov 22, 2012
11004 Easy - moderate run this one depends on how good your slippery diff is to how much you'll be a bouncin up the switchbacks :D..... you'll know them when you see them Mitsubishi Pajero Aug 9, 2010