Great Ocean Road to Triplet Falls
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A great drive through lush rainforests ending up at the Triplet Falls. The walk to the falls is a about a 1 hour round trip according to the sign in the car park. But should be well worth it - a three stage cascade! I got there too late in the day and missed out!

The trip starts at the small \'town\' nestled in a valley to the side of the Great Ocean road 9.5km east from Lavers Hill.

Turn off the Great Ocean Road into Aire Settlement Road. Drive past the scattered properties for 4.1km to a T junction. Turn left into Wait-a-While Road. ( On Google Earth this is still called the Aire Settlement Road, but the sign post you will see is, and the name of the track on the Meridian map is the Wait-a-While Track. )

After 6.1km look for the turn off onto the Aire Crossing Track, turn to the right onto this track and travel about 1km before turning left onto Young Creek Road. There should be a sign to Triplet Falls at this junction.

Travel 5.0km north up this road to the turn off into the Triplet Falls car park. Toilets are available there also!

If you want more sights, you can head out of the falls and onto the Phillips Track. After about 3km you will find the tree top walk called the Otway Fly. I drove straight on because my goal was to get to Geelong before it was too late. So cannot tell you the charge for this walk.

A very pleasant drive, especially if you live in one of the drier states like myself ( South Australia ).


muzzafj60 Update:

Falls are well worth the dirve went up in augest the 4x4 tracks were closed, but still had a great time at the water falls. walked along part of the 4x4 track looked like fun nothing to serious. 

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36152 Toyota Hilux Feb 10, 2013
664 Nissan Patrol Jan 10, 2013
2789 Lots of wonderful waterfalls in the Otway NP. Triplet is well worth the look. Toyota Prado Jan 20, 2010
589 A great drive through lush rainforests ending up at the Triplet Falls. Nissan Patrol Feb 23, 2009