Stoney No1 Track
About the Track
Track Description

Stoney TK1 is an easy track for the Beginner. last time we did this track came across two large lizzards, 1 was about 4ft and the other 3ft long, runs off McEvoys Track.

Update By Spring

Pretty good track, some steep hills, low range needed. Few 4x4 play areas, easy creek crossing, but quite a long track with few directions/signage.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
23142 Easy track, but low ranged needed in sections. Occational nice views, very long with little signage... Mitsubishi Pajero Oct 15, 2011
2387 very easy track,suitable for all wheel drive vehciles. looks like its been recently graded Toyota Landcruiser Jul 10, 2010
12717 did this way back, easy tk not very special Ford Maverick Oct 14, 2007