Greens break rd
About the Track
Track Description
Short track located of Martinsville Hill road. Starts very easy and could be driven on by most suv\'s for the first km or 2 but then after a couple of kms takes a sharp left turn. From that point you pretty much need a decent 4wd with good ground clearance and maybe articulation because the track does take you straight back up the edge of the hill back to the main road. The beginning of this track also has 5 seperate steep ascents/descents which are not a part of the track starting from easy to very hard, depending on the type of vehicle and mods you have.
Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
26113 Very overgrown at the bottom. Pinstripe territory. Not somewhere for new owners trying to preserve their vehicle. Mitsubishi Challenger Dec 27, 2013
13112 Very fun track. Did it in reverse (came down the huge slope), definitely need some good articulation there, there is a chicken track around the base of the climb (which you will need a good approach angle for) Extremely overgrown though, take a machete through, or just wear the pinstripes. I had to axe my way through a few branches LandRover Range Rover Feb 26, 2011
14291 good track, nice area on side of a mountain, good articulation Nissan Pathfinder Jan 16, 2011