Jenkin Trk
About the Track
Track Description

Its a good track, not that hard but a few bits are to be done carefully.

Make sure you have alot of off road expirience or ppl to get the car out

try going when its raining or just been raining.

from horan trk take left on jenkins trk, keep following it till the end

alot of bike tracks, beware not to go there ask i have been stuck there already... not a good way to pass time.

take maps as gps doesnt work after horans trk

Facts: more then 25 truck get stuck which cant be taken out per year from this area

make sure u take photos or a red truck upside down on the way to the track(visible from horans trk

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
41007 Fun track, especially for a beginner. This was my first proper offroad experience in my stock Pajero and was just the right mix of fun and challenge. Mitsubishi Pajero Aug 18, 2013